Pillows to treat cervical pain

Sleeping well has many benefits: body and mind are restored, the immune system is regenerated and the brain strengthens neuronal connections.

When you suffer from neck ailments, resting can be quite an ordeal. Unfortunately, cervical discomfort is quite common, therefore, at Clínica Elgeadi we will give the keys to Choose the best pillow for neck pain.

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What is neck pain and what are its main causes?

The causes of cervical discomfort and pain They can be of different origins, so it is important to identify and correct it as soon as possible.

Between the reasons that cause neck pain, we can stand out:

  • muscle tensions
  • Worn neck joints
  • pinched nerve
  • Injuries caused by accidents or sudden movements
  • Diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis or meningitis, as well as other degenerative diseases

When you suffer  discomfort in the cervical area  It is important to go to the doctor to help you find its origin and, consequently, adapt your treatment to your particular case and your lifestyle.

Neck pain caused by poor sleeping posture

An obvious symptom of having slept in a bad posture is stiffness and pain when waking up. This is due to the tension that the muscles and joints suffer when the position in which you “rest” is unnatural.

Furthermore, by sleeping in an incorrect position, the quality of rest is affected, so it is possible that the sleep routine is affected and waking up is accompanied by cervical discomfort, sometimes preventing the correct development of tasks. or daily activities of the person

Therefore, it will be very important to choose the right pillow and mattress to reduce pressure on the cervical area.

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What is a cervical pillow and what is it for?

Cervical pillows are those specially designed to reduce the tension of the muscles located in this area during rest.

Its usefulness or objective is to keep the back in as natural a position as possible, thus allowing the head to also remain in its natural position and not suffer tension or transmit it to the cervical area.

How to choose the best cervical pillow?

At the time of choose the best pillow to rest It is important to take into account the position in which we usually sleep. Sleeping on your back is the best option for avoid neck pain.

If this is your usual sleeping position, avoid making your pillow too high or low. Choose one whose firmness is medium and respects the natural curve of your neck.

If your posture is usually sideways, then you should choose a high and firm pillow to keep your head in its natural alignment with your shoulders.

Although it is not recommended to sleep on your sides, if this is your usual sleeping position, it is best to choose a pillow that is not too firm and of limited thickness. If you have cervical problems, avoid this position at bedtime.

If you change your posture a lot during the night, it is best to choose a medium-firm pillow that can adapt to your movements.

Types of pillows for cervical pain

Within the recommended pillows for cervical pain There are several different types:

  • The memory foam pillows They are widely accepted, since they adapt to the shape of the neck. This material also provides great firmness.
  • Latex is also a very popular material, as it also has great adaptability. Its firmness is intermediate.
  • Feather pillows have little firmness, so they are suitable for people who sleep on their stomach.
  • There are other materials, such as foam or synthetic fiber, that allow the firmness or thickness to be adjusted depending on the amount of filling.

There are, furthermore, pillows with thermoregulation systems, which are capable of maintaining a constant body temperature throughout the night, which improves rest.

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Posture improvement during the night with the cervical pillow

In addition to choosing a cervical pillow to improve your sleeping posture, there are other tricks to check if the posture is correct for each body:

  • For those who usually sleep on their back, the pillow can be placed under the knees, so that the lower back is relaxed. You can also add a slightly thinner cushion to this combination in the back area of the back.
  • If the usual position is on the side, the pillow should be placed between the legs, which will be slightly bent. In this way, the hip joint will be subjected to less pressure and, therefore, so will the spine.

Resting well is essential to maintaining a good quality of life. Choosing the right pillow is important to prevent or eliminate neck pain during sleeping hours.  Remember to consider your sleeping position, as well as the different materials, thicknesses and firmness, before deciding on the best cervical pillow for you.

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  1. Good afternoon, I would like to know if you can help me find the correct pillow for the cervical spine. I have been searching for a long time and I can't find one. I will leave you my information. Thank you very much.

  2. good afternoon. My case is that I have wear and tear on my cervical spine and the pain on the right side is exasperating, I have to use help to help me lift my head and my trachea when looking to the side. right and my suffering is daily.


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