Medical innovation thanks to minimally invasive surgeries

Reference medical group, made up of highly renowned and experienced professionals

At Clínica Elgeadi we make a determined commitment to research and apply the latest technological advances and the most innovative techniques in the world of medicine with the aim of solving all types of pathologies that cause recurring pain to patients.

The fusion between the experience and professionalism of our team of specialists in minimally invasive surgery in Madrid, together with the use and provision of cutting-edge analysis, measurement and intervention tools, will make the difference in the evolution of your injury.


Doctors in Madrid with national and international reputation at your disposal.

In Medicine, the human part is a priority to guarantee an accurate diagnosis based on the exploration, analysis and assessment of the most advanced medical tests.

For this reason, at Clínica Elgeadi we rely on doctors who are specialists in each pathology so that you can be treated by the most appropriate doctor based on your needs and address the situation in the most effective way possible.


Innovative and leading medical clinic in Madrid

We have a modern center on Calle Corazón de María 78, in Madrid to be able to assist you whenever you need it.


We strive 100% to always discover the origin of the problem and find the best solution.

We firmly believe that perseverance and commitment are synonymous with a vocation for a profession as demanding as medicine. For us, it is a priority to guarantee full dedication to the investigation and solution of each patient's pathology on an individualized basis. 

We can wholeheartedly assure that no member of the team will give up until they find the best solution for your particular case. For this reason, we are the best clinic specialized in endoscopic and arthroscopic surgery in Madrid.


We accompany you continuously throughout the entire process in our clinic in Madrid.

Trust and availability are two characteristics that are intrinsic to medical personnel. We are aware that, in difficult times, feeling close to the company of a professional helps a lot.

Our medical team led by Doctor and Professor Elgeadi guarantees this closeness so that you feel accompanied at all times and, in addition, we have a 24-hour emergency service at the Quirónsalud San José Hospital, in Madrid, for any critical need that may arise. .

Doctors specializing in minimally invasive surgery in Madrid

Make an appointment with our team and obtain a diagnosis with the utmost rigor.

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