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Prof. Dr. Elgeadi's team has traumatologists specializing in sports medicine, which can help you resume your training and competitions at the highest level.

Most common injuries in sports practice

Sports medicine unit in Madrid

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This new unit is intended for professional athletes, intermediate level athletes and patients seeking advice on injury prevention. Some of the tests that are carried out are functional tests, stress tests, MRIs, ultrasounds...
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Sports medicine in Madrid

Prof. Dr. Elgeadi's team has traumatologists specializing in sports surgeries.

The application of innovative techniques provides rapid recovery, which helps the athlete return to sports practice quickly and safely.

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It is that branch of medicine focused on studying the effects of sport and physical activity on the human body. It contributes to improving sports performance, as well as the treatment and prevention of injuries.

The sports traumatology, studies traumatic injuries derived from sports practice, to apply treatment that guarantees a quick and effective recovery of the athlete. One of the main objectives of sports medicine is to ensure safe sports practice.

Sports medicine is a recommended discipline for high-performance athletes and patients with injuries caused during sports practice. Some of the pathologies treatable by sports medicine are the following:

myofibrillar ruptures

These tears occur in the fibers that make up the muscles, this pathology is also known as muscle strain either "jerk". Some of the symptoms that may occur are: sudden and intense pain, bruising and dizziness.

Tendonitis and tendiniosis

Tendinitis is a injury caused as a result of inflammation in the tendons. Some of the tendons most affected by this type of injury are those of the elbows, shoulders and wrists. There are numerous pathologies related to tendons, among which golfer's and tennis player's elbow stand out.

Ligament injuries

Ligaments are bands that connect bones and joints, creating stability between them. The most common symptoms are intense pain in the affected area, swelling and loss of movement, among many others. Among the most common injuries we find anterior cruciate ligament injury.

Bone fissures and fractures

This injury consists of a small fracture in the bone. Some of the most common symptoms in this type of injury are severe pain, swelling, numbness, and tingling.


This pathology consists of tenderness and swelling of the joints and, as a consequence, the degeneration of the joints, more specifically the cartilage. The most common symptoms they usually produce are joint pain, stiffness and swelling.

Joint dislocations

Joint dislocations, also known as dislocations, occur in the joints. This injury consists of the separation of two bones. There are two types of dislocations. On the one hand there are the open dislocations, in which a tear of the skin occurs and, on the other hand, the closed dislocation, which does not affect the skin.


It is the inflammation of the bursae, a type of bags present in muscles, tendons and bones where there is friction between joints. He main symptom of bursitis It is the difficulty of movement of these joints. It usually manifests itself commonly in the shoulders, knees, elbows and hips.

As has been explained, the Sports medicine has many advantages, mainly for athletes. One of the main advantages is a thorough recognition of the pathology and the application of active recovery, which works on mobility and prevents the loss of muscle mass. In this active recovery, the patient works on strength, flexibility and resistance for a correct recovery.

Sports medicine helps Prevent injuries thanks to constant reviews by specialists. A follow-up is also carried out, in which the sports traumatologists They have numerous information for correct monitoring, and finally, special treatment is carried out for each of the athletes, focused on each particular case.

Prof. Dr. Elgeadi's team has traumatologists specialized in sports injuries, which will help you regain mobility and quality of life, allowing you to return to competition at the highest level.

Most used treatments in sports medicine

Sports medicine's function is the prevention and treatment of all injuries that arise as a result of playing sports.

The sports doctor will be in charge of diagnosing, performing the relevant tests and developing an individualized treatment for each athlete based on their case and the sports practice they carry out, since depending on this, the athlete may suffer more or fewer injuries. . The most used treatments are the following: 

Sports physiotherapy: This treatment attempts to prevent injuries or recover after these injuries through manual therapy, electrotherapy or cryotherapy, among many other physiotherapy treatments.

Biological treatment: This treatment is performed through the injection of plasma enriched with platelets, to improve damaged tissue.

Medicines: In most cases, the athlete is recommended to take anti-inflammatories or analgesics.

Infiltration: This is a treatment in which corticosteroids are injected into the area affected by the injury.

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