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Preventive medicine focuses on prevent diseases and promote health through interventions and measures that reduce the risk of chronic diseases and serious conditions. 

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Checkups in preventive medicine

The regular medical checkups are essential for early detection of diseases and to evaluate general health status.

These checkups may include blood pressure measurements, blood tests to evaluate cholesterol and glucose levels, assessment of weight and body composition, reviews of medical history, and performance of specific tests based on individual age and risk factors.

Resolving doubts…

Preventive medicine is a specialty that focuses on preventing the onset of diseases, delaying their progress, and reducing their impact through early detection, effective treatments, and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. It is based on the idea that prevention is more effective than treating already established diseases.

The main goal of preventive medicine is prevent the appearance of diseases and promote health in people.

It focuses on identifying and controlling risk factors that can lead to the development of diseases.. This is achieved by promoting healthy lifestyles, performing early screening and screening, and administering vaccines to prevent infectious diseases.

By focusing on prevention, preventive medicine manages to reduce the burden of disease in the population, improve quality of life and prolong people's life expectancy.

Preventive medicine encompasses a wide range of activities aimed at preventing the onset of disease and promoting health. Among them we can mention:

  • Health assessment
  • Regular medical exams
  • Vaccination
  • Advice on healthy lifestyles
  • health education
  • Promotion of public health policies

Preventive medicine plays a crucial role in caring for the health of individuals and communities. Some of the reasons why preventive medicine is extremely important are:

  • Disease prevention
  • Early detection of diseases
  • Healthy lifestyle promotion
  • Reduction of healthcare costs
  • Improving population health

Preventive medicine offers benefits at both the individual and population levels. Some of its main benefits are:

  • Reducing the burden of disease: By preventing the onset of diseases, preventive medicine leads to a significant decrease in the burden of disease in the population.
  • Improved quality of life: By focusing on prevention, preventive medicine allows people to maintain good health and enjoy a better quality of life.
  • Long-term profitability: By preventing illness, costs associated with medical treatments, hospitalizations and long-term care are reduced.
  • Increased life expectancy: By avoiding chronic and serious diseases, healthy aging is promoted and years of active and productive life are added.
  • Promotion of population health: By promoting healthy lifestyles, carrying out early detection exams and administering vaccines, the population is protected from infectious diseases, avoiding outbreaks and epidemics.

An annual preventive checkup, or complete medical check-up, is a comprehensive medical evaluation that is performed once a year.

Its main objective is to detect and prevent diseases in early stages, evaluate general health status and provide guidance on healthy habits.

During this checkup, various activities are carried out, which may include a medical interview, physical examination, laboratory tests, and specific screening tests.

The recommended age to start carrying out preventive checkups may vary depending on individual factors, such as family history, personal medical history, and individual risk factors. However, generally, It is suggested that people begin to perform annual preventive checkups starting at age 30.

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